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The Sculptor

The Sculptor - Scott McCloud The art of the book is marvelous. The drawings are pretty. I like how the author puts several panels together as a tapestry, which captures the character's reaction so vividly. The layers of emphasis is also very good: some irrelevant details are fading yet the most important ones remain. In sum, the author's technique to demonstrate is perfect, as we can expect since he made his fame by teaching how to draw comics.

But I cannot say the story is very compelling. For example, how did David fall in love with Meg? It feels just suddenly, David is saying "I love you, Meg" out of nowhere. David's struggle between death and loving Meg is so vividly presented in the last half of the book. But the start where everything begins is not so compelling.

I would say the first 200 pages make me wanna drop this book. But after Meg admitted her love for David, this book becomes very intense and a great joy to read!