If only I have a pillow by the river. Love reading in a relaxing environment, though it's often hard to do it. Most of my readings are done at airports...

The Siren

The Siren - Tiffany Reisz All characters are lovable. The novel is different from others. It's totally unpredictable, always leaving me in confusion and thrill. It feels like you are walking in a world detached from reality. But yet everything feels so real.

The ending climax, when Nora lost Wes and Zach in the same day, is so heartbreaking. But the story is so convincing that you know Wes and Nora cannot be together since Wes is inherently vanilla and Nora is otherwise; and Zach and Nora cannot be together since Zach is actually still deep in love with Grace.

And finally the line between the story and the book itself is blurred: there are not so many sex scenes in the book actually, as advised by the editor Zach: cut out most of the sex scenes.