If only I have a pillow by the river. Love reading in a relaxing environment, though it's often hard to do it. Most of my readings are done at airports...


Grey - E.L. James Fifty shades of gray is really the book that started me in reading lots of fictions. So when this book came out, I had to read it. But it is very disappointing in many aspects.

First of all, this is just a re-telling of the story in the first book. So you can just skip most of the boring details like how Grey runs his company, blablah. Second, the email conversation is really taking much page space. You can have two or three emails occupying one whole page with only one or two sentence in each email. This feels kind of bloating the volume of the book. Thirdly, and most importantly, the sex scene description is kind of dull. When the author describes the sex scene, I often feel like there must be a better way to describe that more vividly. Just when you decided to skim Grey's mind description such as "game on, Miss Steele", "bring it on" (these two sentences occur too many times in the book), the scene has already ended... Then you have to go back to find where the scene ends.