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The Death Cure

The Death Cure - James Dashner Well, I was expecting Teresa and Thomas to develop their relationships after a big betrayal act in the book #2. However, all I ever get is some rigid arrangement that Teresa died near the end suddenly and Thomas ended up with Brenda.

I really hoped Teresa can be together with Thomas in the end due to their telepathic communications and obviously close relationship before their memories are erased. But the author chose to arrange Thomas with Brenda. What's even more disappointing, the author didn't even elaborate on why Thomas chose Brenda than Teresa. It feels more like the author feels obliged to select one female character to survive, and TADA~~, here is Brenda!

Besides the relationship, the author virtually answers no big question surrounding the fictional world at all. I admit the adventure process still captures my interest in many part of the book. However, without any real development of the characters (emotionally or regarding truths behind all the WICKED experiment), it feels boring and predictable quickly.