If only I have a pillow by the river. Love reading in a relaxing environment, though it's often hard to do it. Most of my readings are done at airports...

Where She Went

Where She Went - Gayle Forman I picked up the book to expect some casually stated story similar to the first book (yes, I know the first book is about death, etc. But I also think it's a a little predictable. But I love the author's ability to convey the emotions vividly). But I get a book that I cannot put it down until I finished it.

The depression and pain of Adam is so real. I can feel it in my heart all the time. This reminds me of "It's kind of a funny story", which also has a very vivid description of depression. But this book touches the deeper field of the devastating heartbreak, and is more concise yet touching to read.

Most of the book happens really within a day. Yet the Adam kept flashing back all that happened. This style reminds me of "Catcher in the rye". This tactic works really well to dissect Adam and Mia's feeling as they are gradually presented to the reders, and resonate so much in my heart.

In sum, I really love it! It's more intense than the first book. My only minor complain is I have trouble understanding how Mia suddenly felt so much anger that right after Adam missed a call she just rejected all his future call to voice mail directly. Thus just seems a little too abrupt for me.