If only I have a pillow by the river. Love reading in a relaxing environment, though it's often hard to do it. Most of my readings are done at airports...

gives two interesting ideas. But a little too much vague bragging in the beginning

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing - Marie Kondō

Let me summarize this book first:  


Tidying consists of two steps: 1. discard things you don't really need (when you touch your hand on it, you don't feel joy); 2. put things where they should be (What's really important is to know where to put things back. Don't over-categorize things. Just stick to very simple plan. No fancy storage units are needed. )


Here are more details that I think are worth remembering. 

Tidy in one short, as quickly and as completely as possible, and to start by discarding. Finish discarding before putting things where they should be.


Tidy by category, not places. Instead of tidying bedroom, living room, tidy your books today and your bathroom products tomorrow. Because you may have soaps/books in multiple places, so tidying them together will help you determine which ones to keep or discard.


As for the book, I read the English translated version. The introduction and first chapter of the book contains nothing but bragging. It just shouts out some people think xxxxx, that's wrong; other people think yyyyy, that's also wrong. Just use my method, no rebound after you clean up. What's even better, you only need to clean once!!! Although it's typical to have some bragging in this type of book, the first chapter is filled with such meaningless statements, WITHOUT giving any comprehensible summary of the author's idea. The major 3 chapters (Chaps 2/3/4) are OK to read. But as for all this type of book, you just need the grasp of the major idea and skim all the other minor bragging (compared to the first chapter).